It's important to stay on top of regular preventive care.

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Let's put together health and wellness plan that brings out the best in your pet.



If you haven't been to a vet in a while, relax. Start with a complete checkup in our feline-friendly clinic.

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We treat every animal that comes through our doors as though it was our own. 


Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn when your feline friend is under the weather. That's why we created the Meadow Brook Cat Clinic, the one and only clinic you and your cat will ever need. We provide everything from customized Wellness Plans to "a la carte" health care - with examinations, special diets, vaccines and other preventive maintenance as well as surgery, dental care and more sophisticated diagnostic testing.  If kitty isn't feeling well, you can have it all in a specialized facility dedicated to cats and only cats.

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