The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association has a nice 1-page summaryHERE

We understand you have concerns for your safety and the health of your cats during these challenging times.  The internet, while often useful, can also be a source of fear and mis-information.  We have curated some links you can visit for up to date scientific answers to many of your questions - they are listed below.

We have also taken measures at the Meadow Brook Cat Clinic to guard the health of our clients, our patients, and our team.

We ask that clients who are feeling unwell, who are in self-quarantined due to travel or illness, or who have specific concerns regarding their own immune status please call the clinic when they arrive for their appointment prior to entering the facility.  We will require these clients to remain in their vehicle and we will come collect your cat and the veterinarian will communicate with you over the phone.

We ask for food and medication orders you call ahead so we may have what you need ready to minimize the amount of time you need to wait.

We have placed stickers on the floor indicating where clients are to wait either for their appointment or to be assisted by our staff.  We are allowing only 2 clients in the front reception area, and 1 client in the examination room, at any given time to allow for proper physical distancing.

​We have installed a large plexiglass "sneeze guard" on the reception desk to protect staff and clients from respiratory droplets.

We are not currently requiring clients to wear a face covering when they enter the facility, but it is encouraged.  The doctors are more than happy to wear a mask while they are in the examination room with the client.

We have already implemented and will be continuing our protocol of frequent disinfection of touch points for our clients and throughout the facility for our staff.

Staff will continue to follow our protocol for hand washing upon entry to the clinic, before and after each patient interaction, before and after eating, and after using the washroom.

Link to the World Health Organization Public Information siteHERE