Toys - so many choices! And cats like choices too.  If your cat seems bored with the toys that are out for her to play with, put some of them away and rotate them into use.  Here's a couple fun toys that stimulate the hunting instinct and can keep a cat entertained.

Cat's Meow - the rotating mouse chaser

Food Puzzles for Cats

Featured Cat


This month, instead of a specific breed, we are featuring a specific cat.  Chinella came into Dr Leah's life almost 18 1/2 years ago as one of 4 in a litter of abandoned kittens.  She was a bit of a grumpy kitty - "opinionated" one might say - and decided quickly if she liked you or not. She was diagnosed with a bladder tumor and sadly her condition declined very quickly and she went to the Rainbow Bridge less than a week after the ultrasound confirmed the problem.  She will be deeply missed by Dr Leah and her family and we dedicate March to cheeky black & white cats all over the world. 

Boarding Facility - When we need to leave town & don't have a cat sitter that can come to the house, or if your kitty needs medication or special care, we recommend the Phat Cat Inn in Anmore for boarding.  

Also newly opened is The Alley Cats Country Inn, located in Pitt Meadows.

Kitty litter - we all need it, our cats need to use it, and we need to live with it.  Dr Leah uses World's Best because it's a clumping litter that is low dust and ISN'T clay based.  And in small volumes it can be flushed.

Pet Feeders - do you have multiple pets that you need to keep their food separate?  This is an innovative way to feed specialty diets making sure the right pet gets the right food.  SureFeed

Kennels - we need them to get our cats to the vet or wherever we're traveling with them.  Consider one that has been safety crash tested, like the Sleepypod

Or this more basic model that has a front door, top loads and comes apart very easily.

Stuff We Love

All your cat's medical records and reminders in one place - with the convenient Paw Print app - automatically sync'ed with our records at the clinic and you can access and share them.  We also send reminders about your cat's upcoming health needs via text or email.

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